About me

 When it struck me in my mid-twenties that I knew what

financial quarter we were in but I couldn't tell you

what season it was or what the weather was like outside,

I realised something had to change...


My journey spread over three continents that took me

from IT sales to professional garden design.


I plan a garden for the long term, not just for quarters.


As a business administrator and IT salesperson, I learned a lot:

to look at the detail, to be persistent, to analyse, to make decisions. These qualities help me today to provide

well thought-out solutions for my clients' gardens. 



Moving from the two dimensions of a laptop screen 

to working in a three-dimensional world.


In my years of studying garden design in London and in my training in Tokyo, Kyoto and San Francisco, I learned to get a feel for a garden and its plants rather than just relying on information I’d read.


I found it incredibly enriching to experience a garden not only with my head but with my whole body. I started to observe the different elements using all my senses such as touching the soil and smelling the leaves. I soon developed an intuition for plants and knowing where they would thrive.


You learn design by immersing yourself in good design...


When I went to Japan, Japanese gardens hardly interested me.

However, I wanted to be able to grasp the design, the balance between emptiness and fullness and to be able to use these design principles in 'my' gardens.  


After a year's internship in a rural gardening and landscaping company near Tokyo and countless trips to gardens and museums with my host family, I too was completely enthralled by Japanese gardens.


So much so that in 2012 I co-founded the Real Japanese Gardens platform with Tokyo garden designer Keizo Hayano. I visited, photographed and wrote about over 60 Japanese gardens and temples. What a dream job!




Inviting life - and discovering a new world


I am convinced: we are more than just ourselves. Our home can be shared with many other creatures. It can be a place that birds, butterflies, lizards, bees and beetles love to visit.


And so, in turn, the garden begins to enrich our lives. 

Between 2010 and 2015 I learned the ropes of good gardening, working as an exchange intern, volunteer and employed gardener in Tokyo, Kyoto and San Francisco.


Saitama, Japan

Exchange intern for one year in a gardening company.


Real Japanese Gardens, Tokyo

Employed by garden designer Keizo Hayano and

co-founded the Real Japanese Garden platform.


Kyoto, Japan

Apprentice in two of Kyoto’s oldest temples.

Blog: 90 days in Kyoto.


Sacred Space Gardens, San Francisco

The best garden team in the city,

looking after the most beautiful gardens.


Alcatraz, San Francisco

As a volunteer, I cared for the survivor plants thriving in the tough conditions on the legendary island in the SF Bay.


Gärtner von Eden, Potsdam

Working as an intern I got introduced to the joys and challenges of the nutrient-deficient, sandy soil of Berlin and Brandenburg.

English Gardening School in London, UK

2008-9 Laying the foundations: Garden design course in Chelsea Physic Garden in London


Gartenflora, Berlin

2008-9 Intern for the gardening magazine “Gartenflora”. Lots of reading, researching and writing.

Studium International Business Administration & IT studies


Duale Hochschule Mannheim

3 years Sales at IBM Germany

in Düsseldorf and Berlin