Hi, I'm Jenny!

I show city dwellers how to avoid overwhelm and take the first steps towards calm in the middle of a bustling city life - no green thumb required.

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Jenny Feuerpeil




Garden Designer for 15+ years


Education at the English Garding School in London, UK

Garden Experience in Tokyo & Kyoto, Japan and San Francisco, US

Specialized in Transforming Urban Terraces into Wildlife Wonderlands


Native Plant & Wildflower Enthusiast


Founding Member of Real Japanese Gardens

TV appearances

Berlin Local TV: rbb Abendschau - 10.7.2023 


City terraces can be scorching hot under the blazing sun or freezing cold and relentlessly windy, making it an extreme environment to endure. Jenny Feuerpeil shows us plants that thrive in these conditions.


She has designed this roof top garden for the Swedish photographer Paulina Westerlind and her husband, artist Love Enqvist. 

As a garden designer I help high-profile clients transforming their roof-top terraces and gardens into pollinator-friendly spaces. 


What lights me up: Listening to bumblebees buzzing as I'm planting a new terrace in the middle of busy Berlin. Seeing birds from our kitchen table when they visit our terrace in winter. Hearing a paper wasp rasping the outer layer of one of last year's flower stalks - just meters away from my home office desk.


What I believe in: You can make your life richer when you begin to invite life into the space you're entrusted with - even if it is as tiny as a window box. As you get in touch with nature - right where you are and in your everyday life - you life will get so much bigger.


What I wish for you: I would love for you to experience the calm and joy that comes with being in your very own oasis.