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You can’t wait to get started - find out here how I can best support you.

The Garden Concept

For DIY enthusiasts - You like getting stuck in and doing things yourselves.


Together, we go through all your ideas to see what will work in your garden and how you can best meet your aspirations. With the Garden Concept you receive a preliminary design that sets you on the path to creating your dream garden.


Perfect for people who love doing things themselves and want a bit of help getting started. 

The Garden Design

For Busy People - Everything from the initial sketches to a detailed plan of your new garden. 


The Garden Design contains the garden concept and the next important step, the finalized design plan. With the Garden Design, both you and your contractor know exactly how the finished garden should look, from the type of stone for the terrace to the exact location of the apple tree.


The Planting Plan

Perfect plant, perfect place.


The Planting Plan gives you a detailed overview of which plants to use and where they should go

- be it heat-tolerant shrubs in your front garden or which insect-friendly plants to use in your perennial beds.


The Roof Terrace Plan

For DIY enthusiasts and busy people.


The terrace is your garden and together we can turn it into an oasis. However the conditions can be tricky and lots of things need to be considered to get it right.


We work together to design your perfect space and I provide you with a detailed plan. Then either you take over or I can remain with you every step of the way – ordering, installing, planting. 



Construction supervision, planting

and annual garden check-ups


With my plans you get all the information you need for you to carry out the next steps. If you wish, I’m happy to supervise the construction phase and coordinate the planting.


I also offer an annual spring check-up, where I visit you to see how your plants are doing and can offer further advice. 


What you get:

Hand-drawn sketches

'This is exactly

how I imagined it!'

Visualizations bring

your plans to life. 

The IT girl's perspective:

Plan, research, implement, review...

I like to work in great detail and that's how I'll become an expert for your garden in no time.

The gardener's motivation

To create a space with you,

that is buzzing with life,

for you to enjoy year after year -

for this job, I always give my all!


garden design

With my international network,

I am up-to-date with international design developments and the latest trends in garden themes.


The planning process

Find out the steps to planning your garden.